Dad Versus…Christmas Lights (Part II)

Wake up…Sunday morning. Sore from 13.5 mile run yesterday. Feet. Sore. Knees. Sore. And know I am about to be on my feet for most of the day. For today is the dreaded Christmas light installation day.

Feed Little Human. Take Little Human with me to begin the Christmas light installation extravaganza. Have rented a hydraulic lift “Cherry Picker” (CP) with two other neighborhood guys. We begin at Fish’s house. Fish is the designated CP driver for the day. Fish is in for a long day. There is a learning curve to setup the CP. The CP has outriggers and a 35′-40′ reach. Navigating yards with sprinkler heads, landscaping, and two-story homes with large porch overhangs is not easy. Expected to be finished all three houses in¬†four hours. Finish Fish’s house in just over five hours. Reposition CP no fewer than six times trying to get the correct angle to reach house. Finally use a ladder on top of the roof at one point. I am on the ground crew…and, witness near death experience numero uno. Nobody dies. Move to house number two. Wolverine’s. Even taller than Fish’s. Finish this house in just over 2 hours. No near death experiences, but his lights did partially blow down a day later. Fail. My house. Number three. No longer on ground crew, I go up on the CP. Reach pinnacle of house and the CP goes into alarm-mode. Loud alarm mode. Like “danger Will Robinson” loud alarm mode. The CP has gone off-center while settling into the grass. While 40′ in the air. Nearly 500 lbs of human in the CP basket. Not. A. Great. Feeling. Come down. Kind of quickly but kind of not. Reposition CP for tenth time today. With the help of great neighbors, extra ladders, while on the CP, finish right at dark. Eight hours after starting. Would ladders have been easier? Perhaps. But, we had a CP. It was the principle at that point.

The Machine brings Little Human outside to see the house when completed…while covering her eyes to surprise her. Little Human opens eyes. Little Human lets out a scream of joy and starts dancing up and down the sidewalk while singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Eight hours, but well worth it and mission accomplished.

More to come…

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