Dad Versus…December 2nd, 2014

Wake up…4:30am. To the sound of The Machine getting ready for work. I use the word “Machine” for my wife actually in an endearing way. The Machine works an insane amount of hours while leading human resources for opening a new million plus square foot distribution facility. The Machine is also an Adjunct Professor, fixes Little Human’s lunch every morning, etc. etc. The Machine is constant efficient motion. Unbelievable. Cannot fall back asleep after The Machine leaves. Decide to catch up on last two DVR’d episodes of The Walking Dead. Nothing says “good morning” like a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes feel as though I am in a zombie apocalypse. Still PISSED they killed off Beth. Really?! COM’ON!

7:00am. Try to wake Little Human. Little Human does not want to wake up. Snuggle with Little Human instead. 7:20am…still trying to wake Little Human. Resort to tickle monster. Tickle monster always does the trick. Have developed a pretty solid morning routine with Little Human during The Machine’s fourteen-hour workday schedule. Little Human can now dress herself, brush her teeth, etc. The Mop is another story. The Mop owns me. Why is it SO FREAKIN’ HARD TO DO HER HAIR?!?!?!?! Spray water. Spray de-tangler. Try running the brush through. No luck. Still tangles everywhere. Feel like I am ripping the hair right out of Little Human skull. Spray more water. Spray more de-tangler. Mumble to myself. Suck my thumb and rock in corner for a bit. Finally get The Mop to lay down…albeit partially. Get ponytail thingy. Ponytail thingy falls to floor. Little Human will not be still. Lost all momentum I once had with The Mop. Let go of The Mop. Pick up ponytail thingy again. Manage to get ponytail thingy around a portion of The Mop. Try to double-back and then triple-back the ponytail thingy. Definitely do not have surgical dexterity. So. Freakin’. Hard. Third attempt, semi-success. Put bow in The Mop. Put beret clippy things on side of The Mop. Inspect work. The Mop looks a step above homeless status. Success.

Take Little Human to Pre-K. Give Little Human kiss goodbye. Little Human eyes her favorite teacher and runs off…always smiling. Except when not screaming at me. Miss Little Human already. Arrive back at home office. Working from home is interesting. It is always here. Zero in-person interaction. Except with cool neighborhood peeps. Consider running. Have ran 20+ miles in three days. Decide my old body needs a break. Besides, I am in email hell. Dive into email hell. I support 53 TV stations in 37 markets nationwide with 240+ openings. Picking priorities is no joke. Good thing I did not run. Look at schedule. Eight interviews on the books. Sigh. Blink, and the day is done. Time to get Little Human…favorite part of the day hearing her scream “daddy!” and run into my arms. Good stuff. Cool neighborhood kid goes with me to pick-up Kennah. Watch them play. Have small tragedy. Overcome small tragedy. Play with Little Human. Take Little Human on a wagon ride. Park. Etc.

More to come…

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