Dad Versus…Carlton, The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Puppy

Wake up…Look around. The Machine is long gone to work. Peak season is almost over, but this is the peak of the peak this week. Fun times. Now have to get Little Human and Carlton ready. Having responsibility for an extra life form throws a wrinkle into my perfectly orchestrated down-to-a-science regimented morning routine. Walk to Little Human’s room. Little Human is already awake. Put toe in water to see what type of mood Little Human is currently experiencing this second/minute/morning. No toys whiz by head. Good sign. No screams to get out. Another good sign. Little Human appears to be in a snuggly, nice mood. Jump in bed with Little Human and enjoy snuggle time. Will never take this for granted.

Tell Little Human we have to pick up the pace of our morning schedule so we can walk our new puppy, Carlton. For such a little dog, Carlton Luke Tyler Carver has a long dog breed name. Little Human gets herself ready in record time. Go to stairs and listen for Carlton. No whining, no barking, no noise. Wonder to myself if Carlton escaped last night and ingested entire first floor. Walk downstairs with Little Human for breakfast. Carlton is safe and sound in puppy prison, just sitting there…watching. Completely chill puppy. Let Carlton out of puppy prison. Convinced whatever drugs the breeder induced this chill puppy with to have him remain so laid back will wear off eventually. Immediately open back door and out Carlton goes…obviously glad to no longer be in puppy prison. Give “go potty” command. Carlton complies, and goes potty. Shake my head. Am either the luckiest puppy/dog owner in the world, able to potty train in two days, or the pure evil genius of Carlton simply lulling me into letting down my guard…when he will then pounce on me with puppy pandemonium. Take Little Human to Pre-K. Carlton rides in car. Chill. Get back to home office. Take Carlton for longer walk. Carlton manages to go numbers one and two. Use pooper scooper. Fast. Efficient. Brilliant. I do not have to touch or smell poo. Can dump poo in neighborhood trash can. Pure animal efficiency. Get back home. Tell Carlton “bed” and he goes right in puppy bed next to office desk. I am a puppy whisperer genius. Carlton lays either in bed or lap all day while making calls. Take Carlton on no less than three walks per hour.

Attend liver-intolerant neighborhood “work from home group” at café for lunch…in our neighborhood. The “water-cooler.” A few people order drinks. Love our neighborhood. We chat about the pros and cons of working from home. Flexibility in schedule, but work too much. Isolation, but no traffic. No office politics, etc. People talk about being lonely while working at home. Lonely? I have marathon training, ESPN 24/7, Call of Duty on Xbox when interviewing a really poorly qualified candidate should I choose to partake, 250 open positions, and now a puppy. And job search candidates to keep me entertained all day. Interesting mix of peeps at function. All super-nice. Liver-intolerant neighborhood has an impressive array of talent wandering around. Love this neighborhood.

Must pick-up my Little Human and somehow feed it. And myself. And a puppy. Gulp…

More to come…

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