Dad Versus…Christmas at the In-Laws. Part I.

Wake up…In the basement of my in-laws during our Kentucky holiday visit. Unfinished. Chilly. But awesome! Plenty of room, my own space, and I do not have a Little Human or Teen daughter laying on top of me. Pure in-law bliss. My choosing to inhabit the basement was not Mega-Machine approved. Mega-Machine is my wife’s mom…aka Machine. Mega-Machine is the Machine on steroids. Mega-Machine is awesome, has more energy than anyone I have ever met in my entire life…bar none. And, very giving. Very much lucked-out in the in-law department.

Teen daughter is spending the week from Louisville as well. Very much miss the Teen. The week is a blur. Mega-Machine purchased Monday Night Football tickets for myself and brother-in-law. Great club seats and lots of beer. Bengals vs. Broncos. Peyton Manning. And, he throws four picks. What? What?! Poured down rain the entire second half. But, great time. Tuesday night…date night with the Teen. Dinner at a nice restaurant, people watching at the ice rink at Fountain Square Cincinnati. Mt. Adams to sightsee. Mt. Lookout. Starbucks. Love spending time with my oldest daughter…super-cool young lady. Have not laughed this hard in a long time.

Christmas Eve. Carlton the pup has the privilege of sleeping with me in the basement last night. Carlton wakes up at 6am and punches me in the mouth to go outside. Continuously. Like a cat. Awesome. Take Carlton out. Run seven miles through Northern KY hills. In the rain. Not a flat patch of earth to be found anywhere. Crazy hills, but make it. Work. Church with the fam. Opening presents this evening. Santa in the morning. Another (very) large Christmas family get-together tomorrow. Driving back to Tampa twelve-hours all day Friday. Whew…

More to come…

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